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My Tech Podcasts: Summer 2020 Edition


Tech podcasts are a great way to stay on top of everything going on in the software development industry. I've been listening to podcasts for many years, and my list evolves over time. Here is my current list for Summer 2020:

Software Engineering Daily

This podcast is in the 1 on 1 interview format, and the guests are usually either very prominent figures in the community or someone who has been working on cutting edge technology. This podcast also serves as a way to know what is trending in the enterprise software community.

Indie Hackers

This podcast goes into the entrepreneurial aspect of software development which can be refreshing. It's very cool to see how each creator markets and monetizes their software product or service.

The ChangeLog

This podcast is similar to Software Engineering Daily in a lot of ways, but they focus more on Open Source instead of enterprise technologies.

Full Stack Radio

This is a very web app and JavaScript focused podcast. It involves a lot of interviews about the latest JavaScript frameworks with their creators or advocates.


I really like listening to Wes and Scott. They have a great rapport which makes this podcast easy listening. Some of the topics tend to be a little too web development focused or too beginner-friendly for my taste. However, I do like looking at the title of each podcast to see if it's worth tuning in.